ASRM / SART Guidelines
Egg Donor Agency Agreement

Fertility Resources of Houston has agreed to be responsible for providing services in accordance with the following American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) Statements, Technical Bulletins, Committee Opinions and Guidelines and Minimum Standards (“Practice Guidelines”).

  1. Financial incentives for recruitment of oocyte donors (June 2000)
  2. 2002 Guidelines for Gamete and Embryo Donation (June 2002)
  3. Repetitive Oocyte Donation (November 2002)
  4. ASRM Statement on Egg Donation for Post-Menopausal Women (November 2002)
  5. Donating spare embryos for embryonic stem cell research (November 2002)
  6. All Federal and state guidelines on gamete donation.
  7. Fertility Resources will not compensate egg donors over $10,000.00.

Agreement effective 2/24/2005.

Why Choose Us?

  • Each Participant Is Thoroughly Screened
  • No Consultation Fees
  • ASRM Recommended
  • Discreet & Highly Professional
  • Ensures Satisfaction