• Can Acupuncture Help You Beat Infertility?

    Fertility problems can be emotionally devastating, but understanding your treatment options can help you feel in control again. One of those treatment options might be acupuncture. Although it isn’t a substitute for medically needed fertility services, such as selecting an egg donor, acupuncture can work with medical treatments to help you successfully achieve pregnancy. What […]

  • Reasons Why Women Choose Donor Eggs

    Women usually prefer to have a biological connection to their children, but sometimes, this just isn’t possible. Egg donors are compassionate individuals who choose to put their bodies through physical stress in order to help others experience the joy of parenthood. After selecting the right egg donor, a future mother may go through IVF to […]

  • Meet Our Widely Acclaimed Dietician, April Murray

    Fertility Resources of Houston is pleased to introduce our talented registered dietician, April Murray. April is beloved by our clients for her genuine warmth and personalized approach. She chose to make it her life’s work to assist women experiencing fertility problems in Houston, including those who need the help of an egg donor or surrogate […]

  • Debunking Common Myths About Egg Donation

    The process of conception is incredibly complex, and just one little problem can prevent a couple from getting pregnant. For some couples, the problem lies with the woman’s eggs. By becoming an egg donor, you could help another woman become a mother. Watch this video to hear about the truth behind some common myths about […]

  • Conception Challenges After Age 35

    Life is full of exciting possibilities, and many women are delaying pregnancy until later in life so that they can travel the world, climb the corporate ladder, or run their own businesses. It’s true that fertility starts to decline at around age 35, but this doesn’t mean that pregnancy is impossible. Plenty of women decide […]

  • Why Couples Choose Fertility Resources of Houston

    Fertility problems are among the most emotionally devastating medical issues a couple can face. Couples who experience infertility need sensitive guidance from people who understand what they’re going through, and that’s why so many couples have chosen Fertility Resources of Houston. Wendy Froman, a registered nurse, founded the center because she underwent years of infertility […]

  • Pregnancy or Period? A Look at Light Bleeding

    After you’ve chosen an egg donor, waited for fertilization, and undergone an embryo transfer, the wait to find out whether the process was successful can be frustrating. Don’t automatically assume that light bleeding means you aren’t pregnant—it might not be your period. Implantation bleeding or spotting occurs when a fertilized egg is implanted in the […]

  • Are Donor Eggs Right for You?

    An egg donor is a healthy, young woman who chooses to have a doctor remove some of her eggs so that others can experience the blessings of parenthood. A future mother can choose donor eggs if she is unable to have a child with her own eggs, or if she has a genetic condition that […]

  • The Beauty of Egg Donation

    You only have a few chances to give someone a gift that can truly change their life. For a couple that struggles with infertility, egg donation can be just that. You, as an egg donor, have an opportunity to give a couple something they desperately want but may not be able to have naturally. Egg […]

  • Healthy Diet Tips for Improving Fertility

    When you are trying to improve your fertility, it is good to focus on establishing healthy dieting habits. Doing so will help improve the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and child development. Read on for tips from our nutritional services team at Fertility Resources of Houston. Raw fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables are essential […]