Donor Screening Process

FDA Uniform Donor Application

Donors begin the process by filling out an in-depth health history questionnaire. This form is used to ask detailed questions about a donor’s health, diet, and other habits. We explore the donor’s ethnic and religious heritage, and her family history of medical illnesses going back three generations. This information remains on permanent file with the program, providing couples with access to their egg donor’s family medical history should the need arise to treat an illness later in their child’s life.

Medical Screening

Laboratory testing is an essential part of the donor evaluation. At her initial clinic visit each donor receives a complete physical exam, gonorrhea and chlamydia smear. Although we believe that it is nearly impossible to transmit diseases through the egg donation procedure, we take extreme care to make sure that the donor is free of infectious diseases. Each donor is tested for hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV. Hormonal tests are used to assess the donor’s endocrine system. Special testing may be ordered for donors at the physician and couples request. Chromosomal testing is available for certain genetic disorders.

**Donors with a history of significant drug or alcohol abuse are automatically excluded from consideration for the program.

Psychological Evaluation

A comprehensive independent psychological interview is essential. An experienced psychologist that considers many aspects of the donor’s mental health has personally screened each of our donors. The psychologist’s main goal is to make sure that the donor is reliable individual who may be counted upon to fulfill all of her responsibilities during the course the cycle. It is important, to minimize the chance that she will have regrets or psychological problems as a result of her participation. Additionally, we strive to exclude the presence of major psychiatric diseases such as chronic depression, schizophrenia, or manic-depressive disorder that could be inherited by the child. We also want to rule out the presence of a past history of childhood or spousal abuse or other problems, which might adversely affect the donor’s ability to participate.

Genetic Consultation

Each donor is screened by a board certified genetic counselor. Each couple receives a copy of the genetic report on their donor that includes the genetic make-up of the donor in order to minimize the chances of birth defects or serious inherited diseases. Recommended testing will be listed on the report. A three-generation pedigree will evaluate the donor’s family history for genetic risks.

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