Selecting an Egg Donor

1. Complete the application and clinic information form and send to:

Fertility Resources
929 Gessner
Suite 2300
Houston TX 77024
**You may also fax or email these forms.

2. You will be notified when we receive your information. An appointment can be requested to review potential candidates from the database. You may also request and review additional information on the candidates via email or mail.

3. Once you have chosen a donor, we will contact her to determine her availability. At that time, please submit your donor selection form. We review any known scheduling conflicts. If the donor agrees, we notify the recipients. A contract and payment will be initiated. Contract and payment in full must be received before the donor can make her initial visit appointment with your physician.

4. If you have selected an out of town or out of state egg donor, a travel fund will be set up with the travel deposit. You will receive an itemized statement of all travel expenses at the end of the cycle. Any funds left over will be returned with the statement.

5. Once the contract and payment is complete, the donors are instructed to make an appointment with the recipient’s physician. This appointment may include any additional medical and infectious disease screening, injection instructions, physician consults, and consent forms.

6. We obtain a copy of the donor’s calendar and follow the donor throughout her entire cycle. Couples are notified on the status of their donor by phone or email sporadically throughout the cycle. The donor is paid in full on the day of her egg retrieval.

Why Choose Us?

  • Each Participant Is Thoroughly Screened
  • No Consultation Fees
  • ASRM Recommended
  • Discreet & Highly Professional
  • Ensures Satisfaction